Wilson Press Printing Introducing Direct Mail, click here for more details
Mail House
Getting your message into the hands of the right people is crucial. The Wilson Press can develop a mailing list specific to your target customers. We can also work from a list of current or prospective customers that you may have compiled. We will:
  • Certify Addresses using USPS approved software
    and databases
  • Inkjet Addresses or Print and Affix Labels
  • Sort, Bundle & Tag
  • Deliver to the Post Office
We can accomodate any size mailing and can make this the most cost-effective mailing you've ever had. Our customers realize an average savings of 35% on their mailing costs.
Direct Mail Fundraising:
We can develop a customized mailing list for your foundation's fund-raising campaigns. We've raised thousands of dollars for our clients while saving them time and money.
Direct Mail Fundraising
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