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Fundraising Sheet
Organizing a financial support campaign is extremely difficult and overwhelming for any organization to undertake alone.
The experienced professionals at Wilson Press have the specialized knowledge and skills required to orchestrate an efficient, cost effective campaign that is completed in a timely fashion; a combination that can result in a significant increase in returns for your organization. Wilson Press will deliver a detailed campaign outline strategy. We will assist you in determining a geographical area most suitable for your campaign, one that maximizes supporter return and profit. Through that consultation, a highly accurate database of community members and businesses will be established.
Wilson Press will handle all publicity by notifying regional or local newspapers, radio station, network and cable television companies via news releases. Educating the community of your campaign can only enhance your success. Wilson Press is continually trained in areas of United States Postal Service rules, regulations and policies. Depending on the numerical size of you campaign correspondence, our personnel will provide hundreds or thousands of dollars in savings to your organization.
After the campaign, your organization must in some way recognize your contributors. This is usually done with a "Thank You" letter or card and can include a window sticker, refrigerator magnet or some other token of appreciation. Wilson Press can assist and consult with you in this area; we have numerous pre-configured options for your organization to consider, or we can customize a response to your specifications.
With only a small initial investment of time, your organization has the potential to generate the largest fundraising campaign in it's history. We have an impressive track record with references to prove it. Call us today and become our next great success!
"It was so easy and very successful"
Sean McCabe,
Greece Fire Dept.
"Our direct mail worked well
and Wilson Press makes it easy."
Mark Dobner,
Greece Police Dept.
"Best fundraiser we've ever done."
Tom Schirmer,
Brighton Police Dept.
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